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        Nowadays, we can log in brand-new Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel anytime and anywhere through a mobile phone, and can more conveniently and quickly browse Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel through our brand-new mobile phone website. The mobile phone website is specially designed for various smart mobile phones, including iPhone, Blackberry and HTC mobile phones with a series of simply and conveniently operated tools. Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel mobile phone website has English and simplified Chinese versions. Open mobile phone browsers to visit for your Xianheng travel.


        Easy scanning, immediate experience
        WeChat Platform of Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel
        First: Open WeChat software by using smart mobile phones;
        Second: open the software, click scan, and allow phone cameras to be aligned with QR codes to scan Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel;
        Third: click concern to successfully concern and know Shaoxing Xianheng dynamic anytime and anywhere!

        Easy scanning, immediate experience
        3G Official Website of Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel
        First: install QR code identification software (such as WeChat software of iPhone and Quickpai software of Android mobile phone) by using smart mobile phones);
        Ssecond: open the software, and allow phone cameras to be aligned with QR codes to scan a web page link;
        Third: open the link to successfully log in 3G official website of Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel and realize handheld reservation anytime and anywhere!

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