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         The intense flavor of water towns - the lobby of the hotel is on the theme of Lu Xun’s article “Homeland”. This unique design gave birth to the beauty of tranquility away from the madding crowd; on both sides of the aisle is a beautiful green pool; strolling into the hotel, you will feel as if you have returned to your hometown, and walked into the living room of your old home.

          The background of the ancient Yue culture - ink, paper and ink, poetry and painting; a few black awning boats floating on the gurgling river; the appealing sound is the ancient Yue drama. Strolling into the lobby, you can enjoy the essence of oriental arts, and linger around in the elegance of the ancient Yue culture.

          The comprehensive intimate services - the hotel lobby provides sound infrastructures for your life in the hotel. Staying in the hotel, you can enjoy the warm personalized services, making you feel like being at home.